GitHub Blog

I’ve been meaning to make blog using GitHub’s built in system using Jekyll. But of course I got distracted and never quite got around to it. Today happens to be one of those rare days when I’m actually feeling motivated so I searched for the guide to set it up.

Luckily Google led me to HubPress. It was ridiculously easy to set up and seems to be good for what I want to do. The only issue I have is that it uses AsciiDoc instead of markdown, but that’s a small issue. Writing this is very simple with no other elements to bother me. As much as I like to make websites and program, I wanted to just have platform where I can write sometimes and HubPress provided me with that. I’m really glad I ran into it or I might have spent the next six months trying to work up the motivation to set it up (not that it’s that difficult, I just have trouble doing the initial parts of a task).

For now I guess I’ll style the blog a bit and look into whether I can use markdown instead.