Leaving Work

There’s a certain sadness in leaving a job. Sure it’s not graduating from school or leaving a close group of friends, but nevertheless each time I feel a bit melancholy. After all these were the people that you spent a majority of your week with whether you liked it or not - and that’s not to say my co-workers were bad. In fact all my co-workers have been nothing short of amazing and I’ve been very fortunate in that regards. I might not have been best friends with them but it still feels a bit bitter knowing that a regular part of your life would just be gone like that.

I guess part of it has to do with the sense of time progressing. It denotes another chapter of your life that has gone by and that’s scary. I want normalcy in my life with things being as they are and always have been. I want to be able to go in joke around with people and work on interesting stuff. However change is an inevitable part of our lives - there’s nothing as sure as change.

Another part is that the work and the environment was actually enjoyable. I didn’t hate my job - in fact I actually enjoyed the unique challenges I was presented with and working on those things. I also enjoyed just discussing things with people and get their perspectives on it in addition to joking around about random things. It’s a loss of that interaction and connection that makes my steps heavy as I head out for the last time.

Attachment. I think that’s the word I was looking for as I wrote this. It might feel bitter at this point but I know that more things await me and I can’t afford to spend that time looking backwards. So on with life.