Making Titles is Hard

Nikon D5300
35mm | F/4 | 1/500 sec | ISO 100

I’ve never been one for titles. Even in school, I’d often write an essay and save the title for last. I had a hard time coming up with adequate titles. How was one supposed to capture the dynamics of a work in a few words? It completely baffled me, but thankfully titles were not needed most of the time or even a generic title was fine. So I’ve scraped by these situations which may call for a proper title.

As a photographer, there’s nothing more that I want than for other people to see my work. Scratch that - as an artist of sorts. Every artist wants their work to be seen and to be appreciated. To fulfill that desire and in order to receive feedback, I post on /r/itookapicture. However, I’ve noticed that my posts don’t seem to be getting much attention and this could be any number of reasons. My content could just not be worth looking at, people don’t care, etc. However, I feel as if a good title would help tremendously. After all these people are deciding to look at my picture based on a tiny thumbnail and the title. So it would appear to be at least a little important.

Looking at the above picture, I had no idea how to concisely summarize it. There is a brick wall with text on it, which can be considered cute. There is also a man perched on the window reading a book. Which is the main subject? In the end as I was focusing on the man more than the wall, I decided to call it “ITAP of a man reading” - I took a picture of a man reading. Although I went with that title, I feel as if I missed something big with it or maybe it just speaks to the fact that I was unsure of what my subject was as I was taking the picture… Whatever may be the case, it was just something that came up when I was trying to come up with a title and definitely worth consideration in the future when I post or even take a picture.