GitHub: todo

Having started off as a web developer, I always wanted to stay on top of the current frameworks. Of course, for a while that meant AngularJS. However it had come to the point that I was seeing a wider ReactJS adoption and felt like I should give it a try - after all it must be good if so many people were using it.

I opted to use ImmutableJS and Redux on top of React - overall they were pretty easy to just plug together and use. However, I still don’t fully grasp the idea for Redux and I probably implemented the one way data flow in a messy manner. Also using Immutable with Redux turned out to be slightly more work since it wasn’t built for that but I was able to find a way to make it work and in the end, I’d say it turned out pretty nicely.

I got a good overview of the technologies involved in a short time frame. I’d have liked to better understand Redux a bit better but I suppose that can come with future projects.