C Snake

GitHub: snake
Demo: N/A

As I was an avid user of terminal applications as well as command line applications, I came to learn about ncurses, a TUI library. I thought it was quite amazing that people made this for use on a terminal and wanted to try to do something with it. At first, I thought a game of pong would be cool but somehow I ended up settling for snake.

The premise of the game is very simple and the logic is simple as well. Perhaps the more challenging part about all this was working in C, learning to structure my code and work around the minimal nature of the language. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say it was particularly bad experience. One the contrary, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the framework as well as signalling (I used the timer to send a real time signal to spawn items).

The game is quite unpolished, as I just wanted the bare minimum. Items spawn randomly every three seconds, the snake can consume the item to grow, and there is collision with walls and itself for game over. In the future if I came back to this, I’d want to work on fleshing out the rendering (it’s a bit janky) as well as adding in some game elements. But overall it was a fun project and I finally got around to finishing it.